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Name:Jack of None
Location:United States of America
Website:Clockwork Harlequin
"A man's brain is a bomb," he cried out, loosening suddenly his strange passion and striking his own skull with violence. "My brain feels like a bomb, night and day. It must expand! It must expand! A man's brain must expand, if it breaks up the universe."

"I don't want the universe broken up just yet," drawled the Marquis. "I want to do a lot of beastly things before I die. I thought of one yesterday in bed."

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ancient rome, arsene lupin, asric/jadaar, avatar: the last airbender, baiken/anji-mito, bang shishigami for president, being overdressed, better living through pornography, blazblue, blood and souls for my lord arioch, body horror, book history, china mieville, clockwork, crackpot moriarty theories, crossdressing swashbucklers, d&d 4e, descriptive bibliography, dirk/jake, doomed idealists, dragon-blooded, drawing, earthbound, edward/rydia, elric of melnibone, elric/moonglum, eroguro, exalted, fanfiction, fantomas, femslash, final fantasy iv, final fantasy vi, gentlemen thieves, gross shit, guilty gear, heavy/medic, homestuck, horror, horrorterrors, impractical hats, internet rubbernecking, japanese food, jeff/tony, jewelry-making, judge dee, jules verne, kai meyer, kink, larklight, lesbian pirates, library science, lucca/robo, makeup, monster girls, need a teleporter here, ninja librarians, nitpicky bibliographical evidence, optimism, p.g. wodehouse, persona 2, playing d-tier characters, pretty zombies, pulp crossovers, puppet monarchs, raffles, raffles/bunny, rare books, rats, redglare/mindfang, ridiculousness, role-playing, rose lalonde's naughty tentacles, rose/kanaya, science!, secret lore, sentient zombies, setzer gabbiani, sidereal exalted, slash, sloths, solar exalted, sons of ether, sorcerer's crusade, spelljammer, spoony bards, steampunk, team fortress 2, tentacles, the earth king, the forsaken, the lymond chronicles, the royal apothecary society, unknown armies, vergil/horace, victorian space adventures, video game gen fics, weapons of the gods, world of warcraft, wuxia, yume nikki
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